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Tony_Vidler_Transform_your_thinking.jpgWork with someone who gets business results...

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HAS REAL EXPERIENCE. Tony has "been there, done that…and has the scars".  He knows what it is like to start, build, manage and then sell sizable advisory practices. There is no substitute for being battle-hardened and knowing how things really work, and being able to apply the hard won lessons.

KNOWS the market. Nobody knows the financial adviser market in New Zealand the way he does. As an adviser grappling with the same issues every other adviser does....as an experienced senior executive inside financial institutions....as a recognised professional advice leader....Tony has seen it from all sides, and had to deal with all the issues.  Recognised as a Fellow for long-standing contribution to the profession, and with deep personal experience in both the risk and investment businesses.

WORKS FOR YOU. 100% self-employed, aligned to no other party. Committed only to my clients.

IS CONNECTED. Deeply connected, respected, and Tony knows where to go and who to talk to - and get listened to.  As a Strictly Business client the professional network is part of the resource and knowledge base to be used when required.

Every client, every engagement, every enquiry...is different. As such, every client deserves a personal solution, and that is what they get. Personalised and practical solutions designed just for you, the client.

Your thinking will be transformed after working with Tony....but see what others have said....

Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz