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The right Meeting Agenda sets up the relationship forever


"All business is a problem-solving exercise."

Whatever the problem, there will usually be a solution.

In fact, there will usually be a number of possible solutions, but working out the one that differentiates you and caters to your strengths is the key.

This section of the site gives a brief overview of the areas of greatest demand where I construct unique solutions.

There are 4 general areas, each with its own page.







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How does Strictly Business work for you?





We begin by taking a long term view - understanding that we must begin with the end in mind. Whether that is designing a training programme, a strategic plan for a business or creating a process solution to a particular problem, the process is the same. If we do decide to work together, we begin by clarifying exactly what it is is that is trying to be achieved.


Once the vision or goal is clarified, we begin to work together on the What, When, How questions.  It is critical to determine what resources, timeframes, or perhaps changes, are needed to succeed.



An often underestimated, or forgotten step, in achieving success is to consider the full range of possibilities.  Sometimes referred to as "thiking outside the square", it is the blank canvas approach that leads to innovative thinking and solutions.




Having considered the full range of possibilities we then work through the costs and benefits very rapidly to determine which is the optimal way ahead. 




Whatever the preferred way ahead is, if you want to give your strategy every chance of succeeding you need to have buy-in from your key stakeholders.  Whether that is business partners, staff, suppliers or perhaps clients...you need to think through who has an interest in your business and how to get them onboard with what you want to achieve.




Once the strategy or solution is settled and everyone agrees on the way ahead, we just get on with it.



On completion of this process clients have a comprehensive solution that can be implemented with a high probability of success. It is however always up to the client to determine whether to implement recommendations or not.

This approach delivers solutions that are unique and appropriate to the client, rather than providing some "off the shelf" pre-packaged ideas that are just the same as everybody else's.

This approach requires more thinking time, and more planning and design time, but each solution is designed for the particular problem that has presented itself. Because each business IS different, and each problem IS different in some way, so too are the solutions.

Getting work done quickly and implemented successfully is always the goal. Time is money for everyone, and neither are to be wasted. 

The extensive experience and systemic understanding of the industry and its isues that come with Strictly Business inevitably help get to the heart of problems qucikly, and generally leads to quicker results in finding successful solutions. And there is little time wasted on preparing (and charging) for lengthy reports that are meaningless after the business has been done either.

Coaching and mentoring for financial advice professionals is what Strictly Business Ltd & Tony Vidler do mostly, and best.

A key element in building a successful practice that is often overlooked is having a business mentor or advisory board member to your professional financial services firm who can enhance the governance, business processes and strategic thinking capacity - all of which add real long term business value to a practice.

At individual adviser level significant value can be created through coaching and mentoring sales process, sales skills, or delivering sales training and providing guidance to financial advisers that builds better performance, client satisfaction and sales results.  

Genuine and unique expertise is delivered by Tony Vidler in the areas of defining value proposition (or USP); branding of both the individual financial adviser and/or the financial planning or financial advice practice; engagement marketing strategies that produce results (particularly in the areas of content marketing, use of social media, and, digital marketing); and providing templates, guides, tools and expert consultancy in building best practice financial advice process that produces better performance for financial advisory businesses.

The bottom line is we will get you more customers, and grow your revenues.

Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz