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The right Meeting Agenda sets up the relationship forever

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The Key to Your Career Success

All high achievers in any discipline have a coach or a mentor that helps them crystalize the vision, work out effective strategy, and provide objective advice that helps them achieve excellence more quickly.

A great coach has the technical knowledge and competencies to be able to understand quickly where effort needs to be applied to achieve extraordinary results.  They also have the skill and acumen to understand what your values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses are - and how to work with them to achieve the optimal result.

I work with professional advisers to help them become as good as they can be.  The typical challenges we resolve are:

  • clarifying value propositions and business strategyStrictly_Businesss_Consulting.jpg
  • how to generate more clients, with higher value.
  • creating engaging marketing strategies and systems
  • improving lead conversion rates
  • creating efficient client service and business systems
  • turning best practice into better business
  • building the business culture and brand you want

How we can provide Coaching

There are 5 ways Strictly Business can provide coaching support to financial advisers, and each is designed to to meet the different needs and budgets of advisers.

No matter which method works best for you, you will get 



New Ideas & Thinking


Marketing & Prospecting Tools


Business efficiencies



Strictly Business can work with you, however works best for you:

sd_img.png Resources: we provide you with material, tools, templates and online resource.

sd_img.png Mentoring: short sessions via phone/Skype (usually fortnightly) to provide accountability & direction

sd_img.png Business Coaching: combining Resources and Mentoring at deeper level, with skills developement

sd_img.png Personal Coaching: one-to-one personal focus on value creation, branding, business & personal growth 

sd_img.pngStrategic Business Advice: advisory board member role, with focus on business entity development

There is a support level for all budgets and requirements, and all questions and enquiries are welcome.  For a no obligation discussion about what level of support you might like, call 0800 027 007 and arrange to chat over a complimentary coffee.  

To find something in particular on the website:

Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz