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IMG_0852_copy.jpgFinancial Adviser coaching

All high achievers in any discipline have a coach or a mentor that helps them crystalize the vision, work out effective strategy, and provide objective advice that helps them achieve excellence more quickly.

A great coach has the technical knowledge and competencies to be able to understand quickly where effort needs to be applied to achieve extraordinary results.  They also have the skill and acumen to understand what your values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses are - and how to work with them to achieve the optimal result.

I work with professional advisers to help them become as good as they can be, for as long as they willing to work at it. Tony_V_signature_smaller_copy.jpg








Up to $5,000 per year available to you in grants for business assistance


Latest news:  100% funding (up to $5,000) available – no co-funding required!


COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund – Information for Businesses 

• The Government has allocated additional funding to support businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

• The Covid-19 Business Advisory Fund has been provided by government to enable businesses to access expert advice and support and is being administered through the Regional Business Partner Network. 

• Business owners can access up to $5000 excl. GST per business from the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. 

• This funding can be used with a range of providers of registered services depending on business needs. It is 100% funding; no co-funding is required.




Coaching...or Mentoring? or just Learning?

There are 3 very different approaches to working with a client and which is best depends on your needs and budget.

: shorter sessions on a more casual basis typically, where advice is provided on a "reactive" basis to whatever the current challenges are.  The focus is upon the use of experience and knowledge to resolve immediate issues or questions.

sd_img.png Coachinga far more structured and longer term approach to changing mindsets, building capacity, confidence and competency by ensuring that the required knowledge, skills and behaviours for sustainable success are implemented.

sd_img.png TeachingDelivering knowledge and/or skills, either one-to-one or via group learning, and typically limited to a particular topic or singular issue. 


For a no obligation discussion about what type of support might work for you,

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whichever way you go, there will be 


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