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The right Meeting Agenda sets up the relationship forever

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Tony-Vidler-formal.jpgKeynote Speaker   

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Company & industry conferences, training courses and professional development roadshows have all benefited from Tony delivering entertaining, informative and innovative presentations.

The audience always leave with some fresh thinking and some practical take-outs that they can implement immediately in their businesses.

Audience feedback and ratings are consistently positive and high, with the majority of clients engaging Tony repeatedly.

Areas of specialist knowledge and delivery include:

  • Branding & Marketing of Professional ServicesTony-Vidler-keynote-1.jpg
  • Unique Selling proposition (Value Proposition) creation
  • Modern Marketing and Social Media
  • Sales Techniques and Process in the New Advice Process
  • Building and Managing the professional Services Firm
  • Best Practice Advice design and delivery
  • Performance Improvement - personal or business
  • Winning processes and practices
  • Client management methods and creating new sales opportunities


Tony is reknowned for providing presentations that are full of practical tips and information that can be quickly & easily used to improve business results.  Relaxed, enjoyable, with a dash or two of humour thrown in, audiences invariably enjoy Tony's presentations - and take away ideas they can use immediately.  


strategy.jpgvalue proposition & Marketing systems

Rather than having a "Marketing Plan" that collects dust in the office, we will work toegther on creating a unique and clear strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, supported by the tactical planning that helps you:

  • Determine your unique selling proposition in the marketplace
  • Identify new and/or innovative marketing opportunities to fit your value proposition or target market
  • Establish the benchmarks for success - the goals and objectives that determine whether investment and effort is worthwhile, and whether it is paying off
  • Manage or create existing client segmentation strategies for service or value proposition differentiation

Want to create your unique marketing strategy and plan, and then implement it successfully?

Professional.    Practiced.    Proficient.    Positioned.    Personalised.

Strictly-Businesss-Consulting.jpgThe key to your success is getting more customers.  That's what Strictly Business does:


We get more customers for OUR customers 

Coaching and mentoring for financial advice professionals is what Strictly Business Ltd & Tony Vidler do mostly, and best.

A key element in building a successsful practice that is often overlooked is having a business mentor or advisory board member to your professional financial services firm who can enhance the governance, business processes and strategic thinking capacity - all of which add real long term business value to a practice.

At individual adviser level significant value can be created through coaching and mentoring sales process, sales skills, or delivering sales training and providing guidance to financial advisers that builds better performance, client satisfaction and sales results.  

Genuine and unique expertise is delivered by Tony Vidler in the areas of defining value proposition (or USP); branding of both the individual financial adviser and/or the financial planning or financial advice practice; engagement marketing strategies that produce results (particularly in the areas of content marketing, use of social media, and, digital marketing); and providing templates, guides, tools and expert consultancy in building best practice financial advice process that produces better performance for financial advisory businesses.

The bottom line is we will get you more customers, and grow your revenues.

Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz