• Distribution Strategy
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Marketing that works
The support or delivery style can be personalised and varied depending on a clients needs or preferences.

Sales Coaching and Training

Customised sales training programmes for businesses, sales coaching and mentoring for individuals or entire teams can be created.

Every training programme created is based upon combining professional best practice advice methodology together with enhanced personal sales skills.






Expert Witness

Tony Vidler, CFP, CLU, ChFC provides professional expert witness opinion in relation to advice delivery and practice standards.
Years of involvement in profesional practice standards development, including serving on the professional body's Certification Committee, Professional Development Committee, Chairing the College of Insurance Advisers, qualified Set C DAO Assessor, and working as an Expert Witness ensure that opinion is professional, balanced, and carefully weighs up the line between academic or ethical theory, and pragmatic commercial approaches employed by industry.

Distribution Strategy

Strategic planning and execution of the strategy for financial services distribution, including sales and agency management, training and development of advisers, and campaign design.

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