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Research for NZ Financial Advisers

Information of a more academic, technical or strategic nature with a particular focus on marketing, future trends, and professional development globally.

NZ Adviser Compliance

Financial Wellbeing in NZ Report

NZ Fintech Pulse check 2024 report

2024 Financial Services Social Selling Content Study

Why Investors Fire Their Adviser

Advice For Good (Fid research Feb-2024)

Health and Wellness Engagement Impacts - Research

Future of Wealth Management Industry - Welcome to the Jungle

The Value Gap

NZ Seniors Legacy Report 2023

Expanding Channels For Insurance - International View

Financial Services Reinvented in 2030

SME Business Efficiency Guide

Intergenerational Wealth Research

Cost Of A Data Breach (2022 Report)

Young People And The Cost Of Living Crisis (NZ) 2023

Trust in NZ Advice

NZ Consumer Pulse Report 2023

Financial Advice Efficiency Report 2023

NZ Wellness Report

Fee-For-Service Industry Trends Report 2023

The rise of newly empowered retail investors

Fintech & The Future Of Financial Planning

Assessing The Value Of Advice

Taking The Measure Of Advice

Expanding The Channels For Insurance

Financial Resilience Trends In NZ (September 2022)

Retail Investor Research (Australia) August-2022

Financial Services Reform Impacts Report

Pricing For The Next Generation Of Wealth Clients

KiwiSaver at 15

Distribution Management 2022

FMA Report: Consumer Experience with the Financial Sector (Survey 2022)

The Big Reset

Tech-Powered Growth

Understanding Millennial & Gen-Z Insurance-Buying Behaviours

Adjusting To A Changing Economy

Insurers Strategic Priorities 2022

Mental Health Survey Financial Services Industry Findings (May 2022)

Wealth Tech Trends

The Impact Of The Gender Diversity Gap

Impact of Outsourcing

Individual Differences In Susceptibility To Financial Bullshit

Insurance Technology: 22 Trends for 2022

The Gender Divide in Financial Services (2021)

Research: Professional Services Digital Transformation Imperative

NZ Research Report: Value Of Advice & Better Behaviours

Will Chatbots Revolutionize Customer Experience In Financial Services?

Financial Wellness Meets Behavioral Economics

NZ Financial Advisers Wellbeing Research Report 2021

Insights: NZ Financial Adviser Wellbeing Research 2021

Financial Advice Competency Frameworks

Future of Investment Distribution (Part 1)

Future of Investment Distribution (Part 2)

Top Trends in Wealth Management 2022

Responsibility In Wealth

Motivating People For Retirement

Whitepaper: Consolidation in the insurance industry

Understanding Great Investors

Using Task Analysis To Define Jobs Related To Personal Financial Management

Kiwisaver Annual Report 2021

FMA Report: Retail Investor Platforms Research

Closing NZ's Mortality Protection Gap

The Death of Retirement Thinking

When do Investors freak out?

KiwiSaver at 14 Report

The Vanguard 2021 Index Chart

Contrasting Investors Behaviours: 2008 to 2020

FMA Report: Retail Investor Platforms Research (Aug 2021)

Adviser' Guide To Blockchain & CryptoCurrency

The State Of Financial Planning And Fees

Mastering The Moment: Independents Are The Future

World Insurance Report 2021

New Frontiers in Wealth Management

Value Of An Adviser (2021 Study)


Advisory Growth

Insights & Trends in NZ Healthcare 2024

The Influence Of Adviser Likeability & Confidence On Advice Taking

Voice of The Adviser 2023 (How they see the future)

2024 High Growth Study

NZ Consumers Perceptions vs Reality research report 2023

State of Digital Financial Marketing 2024

Kiwisaver Value For Money Report 2023

The Financial Impacts Of Health Conditions For Over-65s

The Value Of Insurance In A Changing Risk Landscape

Next Generation Investors

The Changing World Of Risk

KiwiSaver Annual Report 2023

The Gap In Financial Services & Customer Service Innovation

Financial Services Reform Impacts Report

Trust in NZ Advice Research

2023 Financial Services Social Selling Content Study

Affluent Investor Market Research 2022

Why Client Engagement Is The New Standard

Growth Firm Survey Report 2023

The Evolution Of Robo-advisors Model

Advised Life Insurance Report (Australia)

The Fight for Future Markets Report

The Future of B2B Influencer Marketing

Family Wealth Unlocked - Intergenerational Transfer

The Fintech Conundrum: Who wins the future of Asset Management?

How Technology Will Redefine Asset Management Relationships

Lucking Up Until Beta Fails

Re-Thinking Life Insurance Future

Wealth Management Trends 2021

The Relationship between Complexity and Behavioral Bias

The Value Of Premium Wealth Management For Advisers

Advised Life Insurance: Commission v Fee (exec summary)

Financial Services Trends Report 2020

Managing Risk In Volatile Markets & The Role Of Financial Personality

Coronavirus & Commercial Insurance

Covid19: NZ Economic Insights Paper

The Evolving Role Of Behavioural Finance In 2020

Earning Investors Trust

Trust in Advice in NZ Report

Kiwisaver Annual Report 2020

KiwiSaver at 13

MyFiduciary & FMA Report (Aug 2020) - Kiwisaver Active V Passive

2020 NZ life insurance sector report

NZ SME Index 2020

Money and You - NZ Research (August 2020)

After The Storm: Global Wealth Management 2020

Wealth Management Trends 2020

Mitigating The Impact Of Advisers Behavioral Bias

Advice Technology Adoption Report

Kiwi Wealth: State of the Investor Nation (February 2020)

The Maths Of Value & Growth

Insurance Futures: Global trends reshaping the landscape through to 2035

NZ Consumer Research: Money & You (June 2020)

Coronavirus & Commercial Insurance Lessons

The Relationship Between Complexity and Behavioral Bias

Impact of Covid-19 On Financial Wellbeing - May-2020

The Future of Life and Insurance in Australia 2020

AI Leaders In Financial Services

The Macroeconomics Of Pandemics

Understanding The Client-Adviser Relationship (research-based report)

Data Driven Insurance

AI: The New Physics of Financial Services

How Asset Managers Are Becoming More Customer Centric

Sales Inducements In The Asia-Pacific Region

The Rise of Robo-Advice

Life Insurance Trends 2020

Insurance Trends 2019

The State Of Client Understanding

2019 Elite Adviser Study

Winning Propositions

Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries (UK Law Commission Report)

Lead Your Team into a Winning Mindset - Oechsli

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