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Identifying Your Business Strategy

Useful Tools to put in your case...

tools_img.jpgThere are several pages within the Tools section (check the drop-down boxes on the nav bar under the TOOLS tab)...

The purpose of this area is to provide useful and practical tools and information for New Zealand financial advisers.  

Most coaching material created by Strictly Business is for clients of course, so for access to ALL templates, guides & resources you might wish to become a Subscriber to the Adviser Library.

To find something in particular on the website:

Coaching and mentoring for financial advice professionals is what Strictly Business Ltd & Tony Vidler do mostly, and best.

A key element in building a successsful practice that is often overlooked is having a business mentor or advisory board member to your professional financial services firm who can enhance the governance, business processes and strategic thinking capacity - all of which add real long term business value to a practice.

At individual adviser level significant value can be created through coaching and mentoring sales process, sales skills, or delivering sales training and providing guidance to financial advisers that builds better performance, client satisfaction and sales results.  

Genuine and unique expertise is delivered by Tony Vidler in the areas of defining value proposition (or USP); branding of both the individual financial adviser and/or the financial planning or financial advice practice; engagement marketing strategies that produce results (particularly in the areas of content marketing, use of social media, and, digital marketing); and providing templates, guides, tools and expert consultancy in building best practice financial advice process that produces better performance for financial advisory businesses.

The bottom line is we will get you more customers, and grow your revenues.


Strictly-Businesss-Consulting.jpgUseful information

This page contains many articles that are immediately useful or practical for financial advisers.  


Guide To Podcasting

Creating & Using Voice-of-the-customer Programs

ROI  of Content Marketing

Building A Successful Brand In 4 Easy Steps

Asset Class Returns in 2017

Referrals are awkward

SEO Meta Descriptions: The What, Why and How

Social Media For Financial Advisers Workbook

The Strategy Wheel

6 Ratios For Benchmarking A Practice

Why clients ignore your e-newsletters

Why Skill-Based Training Is Critical At Sales Kickoff Events

The Central Question for Your Business

Charge What You're Worth: Discussing Your Advisory Fee with Your Clients

Utilizing API's To Increase Revenue

The Financial Plan as a practice lifeline

Write a perfect Meta Description for SEO

Taking On Digital Disruption

Winning the Value War

How Holistic Financial Planning Can Pave The Way For Growth

Adviser firm model of the future is multidisciplined

Next Frontier In Advide: Conversations, Connection and Confidence

You Are What You Send

Acquiring Millennial Customers Through Mobile

Going Paperless

Digital Strategy: 3 Essential Tools For Implementation

The Role Of CRM & Marketing Automation For Financial Services

Marketing advice for advisers from the experts

The Sales Guide to Setting & Discussing Pricing

Step-by-step Guide To Implement Social Selling

Collaborating Successfully With Clients: Benefits of Digital Content

Our Secret Financial Insecurities (whitepaper)

Revenue is not a KPI but these 6 measures are

The 30 possible ways  you  can create customer value

The Importance Of Client Journey Mapping (& how to do it)

Excel Productivity & Planning Tips For Advisers

7 Steps To Building A High Value Fee Business

Advisers Guide To Cybersecurity

7 Ways To Step Up Your Client Events

Modern Client Goals: Behavioural Strategies For Success

3 Types of Digital Content Clients Love

Understanding Snapchat

Straight through processing technology Discussion Paper

Email Marketing Tactics

Increase Your Win Rates & Beat Your Sales Goals

Social Metrics Map - WORKSHEET

Social Selling Checklist

How Advisers Can Vault into Document Exchange

Portfolio Trends To Action In 2017

Augmented Reality: The next marketing channel

Digital Strategy: 3 Essentials for practical implementation

Facebook Ads Cost

A new approach to Fee Negotiations

How to do Real-Time-Personalization

Actionable Social Media Tips

The formula for setting fees

10 Ways Value-Driving Organizations Are Different

Enriching Relationships For Financial Advisers

10 Ways to Make Facebook Your Most Powerful Event Promotion Tool

B2B Sales Benchmark Research: what is most effective?

Social Media ROI

Getting Started With Social Selling

New ways of thinking about referrals

12 Mistakes to avoid when you target accountants

Digital Marketing 101

Outsourcing or Not: How should you spend your time?

Putting A Value On Your Value

A 7 Step Plan To Transform Your Practice

11 Must Haves For Your Website

How to Build a Solid Sales Compensation Plan in 4 Simple Steps PART 1

How to Build a Solid Sales Compensation Plan in 4 Simple Steps PART 2

5 Ways To Collect Your Fee

101 Marketing Ideas to Generate More Business

How to figure out who you can partner with as an Adviser

Generate More Revenue With Dynamic Website Design

Facebook Live: What is it, and why use it?

Email Marketing Campaign Checklist


Why your "To-do" List is dead wrong

4 Steps To Help You Market Yourself Like a Star

Online Fraud: How to Protect Your Accounts

Which marketing channels to pick?

40 Secrets to Brainstorm Tons of Ideas

Assessing Value: How to determine which clients are profitable

The Daily Routine That Experts Recommend for Peak Productivity

Tips for Creating Financial Blogs that Attract Clients

What and When to Outsource

The peril of being too self-confident

3 Non-Traditional Ways To Boost Your Revenues

A Proven Route To Better Prospecting

Marketing insights from industry experts

Can you trust investment research?

7 Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing With Scannable Web Content

Developing a Marketing Plan around your best clients

Keyword Research for SEO: A Step by Step Process

The Antidote To Being Overwhelmed

60 x B2B Marketing Tips You Can Try Right Now

5 Ways to boost your LinkedIn profile

The 7 Phases of the Buying and Selling Process


Balancing Brand Building and Lead Generation in a Professional Service Firm Marketing Mix

How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

Social Media Cheatsheets

Linkedin Profile Tips

A Daily, Weekly,  Monthly Social Media Checklist

How to Write Social Media Updates That People Love

Facebook Rules of Engagement

A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketing

100 Experts nominate their Social Media Management Tools

Building a Digital Strategy

10 Mistakes to avoid when you target accountants


9 Things Marketers Need to Know from 2015 Internet Trends Report

Being Present (Performing at your best)

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Why Advisers Should Get on Board with Better Processes

Tax Position on Personal Income Insurance paid by employer


Choosing Digital Marketing Tools

The Power Of Influencer Marketing

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Autoresponder That Subscribers Can't Wait to Open

25 Questions to Help Define Your Social Media Strategy

A Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Social Media Checklist

What Your Website & a Great Book Should Have in Common

15 Steps to Optimize Your Website

12 Tips to Help You Conquer Your Direct Marketing Challenges

10 Copywriting Tips To Drive More Engagement

8 Sales & Marketing Questions to Help Your Business Scale Up

How to Use Video Emails - and Why You Should

Favorite Video Gear and Software to Fit Any Budget

How to Optimize Your Facebook Content for better traffic

Unlock Value through Succession Planning

How to Find Your Social Media Niche


3 Things Top Performing Firms Do

How to Make Your Video Rank Number 1 on YouTube (Case Study)

YouTube Optimization: everything you need to know

Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand

5 Email Metrics that Matter

Choosing Digital Marketing Tools

Behavioural Finance: 6 principles that fuel your clients fears

Tips to ease your tax payment pain

Provisional Tax: The Essentials

16 Principles of Influence in the Sales Process

How to Use Data to make best use of your Social Media

Create a Sales & Marketing Plan for Your Agency

A Social Media Strategy That Works

Double Your Writing Speed Without Lowering It's Quality

3 Rules for Building a Value Proposition


Train Your Brain

How to Tell a Convincing Story

3 Strategies of High Performing Advisers

The Research & Science Behind a Perfect Blog Post

What Your Website & a Book Should Have in Common

How to Build a Practice Management Machine

Facebook Industry Report

What B2B Buyers Value Most on Websites

The 51 Best Writing Articles

The Power of Coaching

Factors Impacting On your Brand

Creating a Sales Compensation Plan

Building Your Brand at All Stages of the Pipeline

Personal Branding Examples in Professional Services

4 Ways You Can Become a Thought Leader

Keys to Cross-Selling Success


How to Build a Million Dollar Business From Your Personal Brand

How Often Should You Post on Social Media

15 Ideas for Selling on LinkedIn

9 Ways to Sharpen Your Customer Research

On Page SEO Checklist

Apps for financial advisers to help with time management

Content Marketing Tools: The Ultimate List

How to Find the Best Keywords

Making Lead Generation More Actionable: 8 tips

Tips, Traps & Trends #84

How to Send Better Email

How to Write Marketing Offers that Convert

A Branding How-To Guide for Advisers

Simplifying Google Analytics Reports


Keys to Cross-Selling Success

How to Find the Right Mix of traditional & modern methods in your Marketing

Tips, Traps & Trends #82 (Success strategies; service differentiation & client segmentation; business valuation; changes in consumer wealth)

Instagram Study 2014

Content Inspiration Ideas

Don't Waste Your Leads

How to be a LinkedIn "Giver"

Tips, Traps & Trends #81 (How to benchmark yourself; writing guide; marketing boring businesses; replacement insurance policies; fee models)

Tech tips for an educational webinar

24 Networking Tips that work

How to Save Six Hours a Week on Social Media

Tips, Traps & Trends #80 (clients communication preferences; building a personal brand; adviser websites; remuneration & fee trends)

Tips for Influencer Marketing


7 Tips to Increase Email Deliverability

3 Step Guide to Strategic Networking

Top 10 Tips for Using a Celebrity Spokesperson

Tips, Traps & Trends #79 (fixing sales mistakes; Warren Buffett lessons; business value and succession; Gen Y & Gen Z; wealth management technology)

The Great Content Checklist

Selling air (or intangible professional services)

Which Type of Online Content Most Influences Consumers?

Top Google Search Rank Factors in 2014

Tips, Traps & Trends #78 (story telling; email for B2B; legacy commissions and fee based practices; value proposition; cost of advice)

Four Tips to Accelerate Sales Through the Funnel

The 5 Essential Elements of a Great Company Story (Infographic)

Tips, Traps & Trends #77 (referrals from COI's; marketing to Gen Y; great sales skills; succession planning; sales skills)

9 SEO Techniques to Dominate Content Discovery

15 Free Content Marketing Tools To Make Your Life Easier


Whitepapers That Drive Sales

Google 101: What it is & Why it's Valuable for Professional Services Firms

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Professional-Looking Logo

The Basics of SEO for Successful Content Marketing

Tips, Traps & Trends #76 (your digital brand; comparing different marketing mediums; client trust; out of control; social marketing)

Search Engine Marketing: 4 AdWords Mistakes That Drag Your CTR Down

The 15 Point Guide to Choosing the Right Imagery for your Website Design

Top 250 financial services online influencers that you need to know

Tips, Traps & Trends #75 (developing digital presence; comparing marketing tactics; building trust; out of control owners; social media)

9 Content Curation Ideas for Bulking Up Your Editorial Calendar

Creating Buyer Persona's


Tips, Traps & Trends #74 (demographics search; your clients heirs; fee & commission disclosure; technology developments; caoching & training)

10 Content Marketing Lessons From Our TOP 10 Most Viral Blog Posts

10 Key Marketing Metrics

The Most Effective Calls to Action for Facebook Posts

Tips, Traps & Trends #73 (39 practice improvement tips; wake up your website; succession planning; value proposition; social media matters)

Top 10 Brand Protection Strategies

10 Ways to Boost Your Google AdWords Search Ads Right Now

A Guide to Creating Content in the Formats Your Audience Loves

Tips, Traps & Trends #72 (building a business; better online marketing; Practice KPI's; Millenial marketing; managing staff)

Best Practices for Selecting Content Marketing Software

Measure Success with Google Analytics

How to make a professional video using PowerPoint

Tips, Traps & Trends #71 (how to be successful; Branding Professional Services Firms; Compliance; Fee Compression; practice Growth trends)

Email Marketing: Benchmarks, Open Rates, CTRs & Device Trends

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform

Guest Content That Audiences & Editors Can Actually Use

Google+ 101: what it is & why it is valuable for professional services firms

15 Stats on Social Marketing

Tips, Traps & Trends #70 (online brand; why customers buy; Gen X investors;digital marketing trends; adviser logo's)

10 Effective Social Media Posts in 10 Minutes or Less

15 Ideas Guide

Finding The Perfect  Mentor To Guide You To Success

Tips, Traps & Trends #69 (performance improvement; LinkedIn FAQ's; Client Agreements; SEO tactics; Adviser productivity)

How to Attract More Clicks to Your Blog

Making Your Future Happen in 8 Easy Steps

The Top 15 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

3 Ways to Use Videos to Maximize Your LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation

Tips, Traps & Trends #68 (Building a referral busines; mentoring tips; social media mistakes; brand loyalty; cost of complaints)

A-Z Of Asset Management Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Top Tactics & Challenges

Tips, Traps & Trends #67 (A to Z of personal branding; ideal length of marketing material; pactice management mistakes; future of financial planning; accountants)

4 Actionable Tips for Increasing Your Twitter Followers

How to write well on digital  - It's not like print!

6 Speaking Tips that help your marketing too

Tips, Traps & Trends #66 (using video in marketing, writing a press release, creating professional video, business profitability, tech trends, social media)

Understanding the High Net Worth client

Firm Valuations: Business Strategy for Advisory Practices

Determining Subscriber Value: Whats an Email List Member Worth?

Tips, Traps & Trends #65 (client communications, LinkedIn tips, Doing email wrong?, don't advertise, technology & retirement planning)

How Buyers Evaluate Professional Services Providers

Email Marketing: Growing Your Email List & Determining Subscriber Acquisition Cost

Email Marketing: The Most Effective Email Subject Line Length

Tips, Traps & Trends #64 (effective customer survey; seminar selling; sales manager training; lead generation with social media)

Tips for Great Keynotes & Better Sales Presentations

Introductory Guide to YouTube

Tips, Traps & Trends #63 (get the price you want; better client experiences; LinkedIn mistakes; viral stories; digital marketing)

How to Write a Winning Headline

Checklist for Building a Good Website

The Invasion of Advertising: A Timeline

Tips, Traps & Trends #62 (networking strategies; referral blurbs; NZ population trends; employee questions)

Targeted Keyword Research Without Googles Keyword Tool

The 3 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Paid Expert

The Advisory Practice Business Workout - Get your business in shape

Tips, Traps & Trends #61 ($0 marketing strategy, reaching Gen X, stolen clients, publishing content, technology changes)

Effective Sales Content guide

How to improve your content campaign strategy

The Content that Inspires Clicks on Calls-to-Action


Tips, Traps & Trends #60 (pricing insurance advice; getting business leads; commiting clients; overseas trends for advisers)

The Complete Guide to Launching a New Website

Useful Tips & Tricks For Making Video Marketing A Winning Strategy

Tips, Traps & Trends #59 (value & benefits; determining fees; buying or selling valuation; power of blogs; adviser technology & apps)

How To Do Keyword Research: Beginners Guide to SEO

Choosing Investment Managers: A Guide

Tips, Traps & Trends #58 (specialisation; social media leaders; business coaching; workplace trends; buyer behavior research)

Google Keyword Planner

11 Ingredients for a Complete Social Media Strategy Plan

Tips, Traps & Trends #57 (lead generation, strategic alliances, innovation, monthly retainers and fees, proposals for risk)

8 Proven Video Marketing Tips

Strategic Alliance: 9-Step Value Creation Process

Tips, Traps & Trends #56 (creating a tagline, improving customer service, future of business, rise of robo-adviser)

20 Low-Cost Little Things To Elevate Your Service

Tips, Traps & Trends #55 (Busines succes process; marketing ideas; networking follow up; affluent investors; creating video)

Creating Compelling Client Experiences with digital tools

Step-by-Step Social Media Strategy

Tips, Traps & Trends #54 (Retain your top 20 clients; LinkedIn traps; quick Marketing Plan; Banking Cross-Selling; using client case studies)

How many appointments can an adviser fit in a week?

Helping Your Executors - A Solicitors Tips

Tips, Traps & Trends #53 (first impression on website; what clients cost you; referral generation; outsourcing; going mobile)

How to use various social media analytics tools

DIY Video studio basics

Tips, Traps & Trends #52 (being quotable, B2B marketing success, suitability of advice, demographic trends, higher professional standards)

Graduating from Email to Engagement Marketing

Tips, Traps & Trends #51 (changing sales process; improving sales process; fee charging; content marketing)

4 Content Assets To Engage Prospects At Any Stage In The Buying Cycle

5 free image sources

Tips, Traps & Trends #50 (adjust your marketing; value proposition; engaging clients; mobile technology; online influence; social media statistics)

21 Tactics to Acquire Customers

3 Steps to Improving Your Advisor Websites SEO

Tips, Traps & Trends #49 (achieve uncommon success; writing tips; fee disclosure; key busines metrics; what consumers want)

Entrepreneurs & the self managing company

2013 Affluent Investor Infographic

Writing Ideal investment newsletters

The Plan Ahead: Creating an effective financial planning process

Tips, Traps & Trends #48 (assess youself; clients paying for service; AML; consumer rights; fees & commission under pressure)

How to use LinkedIn contacts feature: excellent VIDEO

Five Golden Rules for Successful Goal Setting

20 Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing

Keywords: How to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy

VIDEO: Social Media's role in financial services marketing

Tips, Traps & Trends #47 (impressive office; innovation culture; online marketing; social media; marketing statistics; Disability Survey; practice growth)

VIDEO: How to use video in your marketing

Destination Check - Bill Bachrach on planning

Tips, Traps & Trends #46 (rules for building business; get competitive edge; content marketing; consumer use of technology)

Digital Customer Trends to Watch

Video: How advisers can use LinkedIn for prospecting

Tips, Traps & Trends #45 (getting clients to renew, danger of the comfort zone, get paid for advice, IRD tools, social media sales resutls)

Optimize your Content for SEO Keywords

Execute Your Video Content Strategy in 8 Steps

14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar

7 Tips to Finding Your Writing Voice

Tips, Traps & Trends #44 (elevate Trust, using visuals & infographics, how to get referrals, centre of influence marketing, LinkedIn, Blogging)

How to Make It as a Financial Advisor

Tips, Traps & Trends #43 (Maintaining peak performance, personal brand visibility, self employed commandments, error of assumption, impact of technology, changing NZ demographics)

How to Find the Keywords that Work for Your Marketing

FMA & IOD Directors Guide

Tips, Traps and Trends #42 (building a referral process, fix your website, marketing suicide, NZ use of technology, website platforms)

Quick guide to social media

10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Social Media Consultant

Tips, Traps and Trends #41 (client appreciation events; customer buying cycle; marketing facts; technology trends; regulation)

80/20 Rule

Tips, Traps and Trends #40 (text messaging clients; referrals; simplifying advice process; content sharing; free advice)

Trans Tasman Super Portability factsheet

Tips, Traps and Trends #39 (create WOW; content marketing formula; meeting agenda; charging fee's; Ipad apps)

Professionalism in the context of Advice Propositions

Tips, Traps and Trends #38 (know, like & trust; social media marketing; initial interview; using ipad's; adviser credentials)

How much Trauma

Tips, traps & Trends #37 (Build Authority & expert status; qualifying prospects; mining client base; succession; UK regulation)

Tony's quick tips: Your Value Proposition

Tips, Traps and Trends #no36 (successful adviser traits; consumers pay fees; client selection; social media; D & O Cover)

105 Point Marketing Checklist100 examples of corporate "Social Media" policies

Tony"s quick tips: Creating Conversations that matter

Tips, Traps & Trends #35(succession planning, compensation & remuneration, customers who refer, Social Media report, UK regulation)

Tony's quick Tips: Using a Client Meeting Agenda

Developing an Information Strategy in financial services

Social Media Expert Checklist - how expert is your expert?

Tips, Traps & Trends #34 (Effective advertising and marketing, pricing strategies, demonstrating trust, fiduciary standard debate, working with women)

Image sizing cheatsheet

Tips, Traps & Trends #33 (presentation tip, paradoxical sales principles, SOA objectives, B2C marketing trends, adviser changes)

Tips, Traps & Trends #32 (conference grab bag of ideas; B2B marketing trends; short SOA's; consumers turning t advice?; health commission)

Tips, Traps & Trends #31(7 types of content for your customers; key Social Media strategies; too many clients; what consumers want)

The Modern Sales Funnel - Workshop presentation

The role of dispute resolution

Tips, Traps & Trends #30 (lead nurturing, combined email & content marketing, value of advice, 20 tips to think like a consultant)

 Transform your sales process with a Unique Selling Proposition

Tips, Traps & Trends #27 (fee based advisers, social media, know your client, suitability, reducing fees, USP, value proposition)

 Tips,Traps & Trends #26 (30 tips to master conversation, client communciations, business growth, firing clients, beating banks, professionalism)

 Tips, Traps & Trends #25 (ROI from marketing, value proposition, getting referrrals, impact of fees, using social media)

Tips, Traps & Trends #24 (all marketing articles: niche marketing, social media, Ipad, techbnology, mobile finance users)

True Colours - a quick guide to which colours say what in marketing

Content Marketing & Social Media process tip sheet

Tips, Traps & Trends #23 (right advice for ages, professional ducation, succession, buying a business,Asian immigrants, social media)

 The 3 R's: Recognition, Remuneration & Retention

Tips, Traps & Trends #22 (fees: HOW you charge; consumers want life insurance; what clients want; valuing a practice)

The 5 practices of exemplary leadership

How to set up and start a Twitter account in 3 minutes

9 Ways to make your marketing analytics actionable

Tips, Traps & Trends #21 (aligning your personal/business attributes; charging Fees; simple business development; failed sales processes; LinkedIn survey; low cost advice)

 Successful media appearance tips

Tips, Traps & Trends #20 (enduring advisory firm, 12 sales trends, disclosure, finding new clients, cost of advice)

What Google +1 means for your business

Tips, Traps & Trends #19 (defining your USP, winning disconnected customers back, using "RFA", benefits of advice)

The Ultimate Facebook cheatsheet (to help you set up Facebook for your business)

Tips, Traps & Trends #18 (video in marketing, prospecting, giving advice, female clients, big trends in financial services)

Social Media conversion rates in B2B (analysis of effectiveness of different social media platforms)

Tips, Traps & Trends #17 (using lists, why people refer, attitude, facebook, Twitter, business valuations)

Tips, Traps & Trends #16 (generating referrals, letter of authority, sales v professionalism, recruiting & succession planning, paraplanners)

Tips, Traps & Trends #15 (more business from existing clients; using video; digital age trends; consumerisation)

Super profit formula

Tips, Traps & Trends #14 (using statistics; client risk appetite, FMA guidance update, post-regulation trends)

Firm Foundations master Year of The Dragon (Asset Magazine, February 2012)

Tips, Traps & Trends #13 (what planners charge; getting right coaching; advice suitability; investment charges; boutique/independents)

The New Sales Funnel (powerpoint presentation on implementing social media in the sales & marketing process)

The Content Marketing Grid

Tips, Traps & Trends #12 (Lead nurturing; What clients really want; Labelling; Trusting advertising)

Why use an Ipad for financial services?

Ultimate guide to buying insurance (Infographic)

Tips, Traps & Trends #11 (FMA Guidance, analysis before recommendation expectations, rise of tied agency)

Tips, Traps & Trends #10 (activity gives lift in revenue, trail commission issues, limited advice, client selection & segmentation)

Tips, Traps & Trends #9 (great sales technique video, FSP status, Limited Advice, Facebook - reasons to not use, or use...)

Tips, Traps & Trends #8. (missed premium or lapse. trustworthy character, proposal cover letter, content marketing swing)

Sales aid graphic - The Drivers of Risk (explaining sources and types of risks to be considered in business environment)

Tips, Traps & Trends #7 (resignatioin letter, blogging, annual review, consumers expectations, twitter use)

Tips, Traps & Trends #6 (Get clients to value you, medical website, Twitter, Disclosure, SOA, practice sales & values)

Risk Events graphic (placing income protection, trauma, TPD, terminal illness and life cover in a timeline)

Tips, Traps & Trends #5 (Retirement rule of thumb, business owner statistics, professional qualifications, social media, what advisers want)

Tips, Traps & Trends #4 (Initial Meeting, financial harmony, FMA enforcement, Best Practice Process, Dealer groups, Social Media)

IFA Risk Masterclass presentation (powerpoint July 2011)

Tips, Traps & Trends #3 (Regulators, Audits, Life claims statistics, Risk Profiling, FOFA takeouts, online marketing)

Tips, Traps & Trends #2 (Free marketing, Third Party Research, Opportunities, Specialisation)

Professional Indemnity Issues presentation (Mythbusters format, series of questions to work out what is true)

Building an Advice Business 

The Financial Advice Process diagram 

How to choose an adviserStrictly_Business_open_palm.jpg


Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz