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Useful Tools for Financial Advisers...but just the "free stuff" here

tools_img.jpgThere are several pages within the Tools section (check the drop-down boxes on the nav bar under the TOOLS tab)

The purpose of this area is to provide useful and practical information for New Zealand financial advisers.  

Most sales, marketing and practice development material created by Strictly Business is for clients of course, so for access to everything we know and can do which will grow your business get in touch about becoming a client.


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8 Steps To Apply For A FAP Full Licence

Filing a DI Claim (guidance) 

Commissions To Fees

Applying Cialdini's Principles Of Inluence

How To Differentiate Your Financial Advisory Practice

Practical ways Advisers can deal with vulnerable customers

How To Work With The 10 Client Personality Types

Cryptoassets: Everything You Need To Know

How Wealth Management Firms Can Retain The Modern Investor

The Disappearing Digital Divide

7 Critical Customer Journeys For Financial Services Clients

7 Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Think outside the tech stack (how outsourcing solves 4 Adviser challenges)

Survey Monkey Tip Sheet

Fueling Growth Through Powering Personalization in 2022

Bitcoin Guide For Investors

20 Point Activity System

Digital Marketing For Financial Advisers

2 Ways that one Adviser improved their website SEO (And How You Can Too)

Vaccination Workplace Assessment Tool

Vaccinations in the workplace - NZ Factsheet

How To Leverage Data To Connect With Todays' Audiences

Financial Underwriting Better Practices Guide

Virtual Event Strategy & Execution

Email Deliverability Guide

New Covid-10 Mandates For NZ Workers

Website Optimization Checkist

Preparing For Cyber Risks

Motivating People For Retirement

Strategy: From Entrepreneur To Enterprise

Cyber Attack Action Plan

Building The Five Pillars Of Cybersecurity Requirements

Should I Build An App? (Flowchart)

2021 Guide To Omnichannel Marketing For Financial Services

The Fintech Advantage

The Anatomy Of Trust

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

12 Security-Related Questions You Should Be Asking Your Providers

Steps to protect your business from a cyber-attack

Agency Growth Tips

Reading the mind of a potential referrer

Deep Look Into CEO's and Professional Management of a Practice

FIllable One Page Business Template

3 Ways To Jumpstart Agency Growth

The Value Of Your Advice

Using Data To Drive Operational Efficiencies

Getting Started With CRM Choices

Value Messaging Worksheet

Using LinkedIn to serve clients & build business

The War on Stress

Social Media Trends Report 2021

Behavioural Finance: How Advisers Can Influence Financial Wellbeing

Hiring Next Generation Advisers

Advisory Practices 2030: The Innovation Imperative

Guide: What is SEO (& how can you use it?)

20 Cybersecurity Terms You Need To Know

Target Marketing Persona Workbook

Planning for the Investor of the Future

Virtual Client Interaction Tips

7 Reasons Why Advisers Do Not Reach Their Full Potential

Choosing between a Business Mentor, a Coach, or a Consultant

The Case For An Advisory Board

Webinar Tips

Essential Financial Services Cloud Considerations

Practice Growth By Design

Risk Management In Investment

5 Steps to calculate your client acquisition cost

How To Create Digital Signatures

Measuring The ROI On Adviser Designations

The Case For A Digital Marketing And Compliance Platform

Financial Adviser Guide to Digital & Social Media Marketing

Working Remotely & Cloud Security

Working Remotely & Securing Microsoft Systems

Working Remotely - Cybersecurity Tips

Direct Mail's Role In The Digital World

Building A Smarter Marketing Approach

Using Client Service To Drive Growth Through Client Referrals

Applying the Financial Planning Process

5 Fast Fixes To Lessen Client Stress

Zoom Meeting Instructional

Goal Setting Worksheet.docx

50+ Motivational Quotes

Cybersecurity: Is Your Team Prepared?

Cybersecurity: Current Threats


Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz