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The right Meeting Agenda sets up the relationship forever

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Coaching and mentoring for financial advice professionals is what Strictly Business Ltd & Tony Vidler do mostly, and best.

A key element in building a successsful practice that is often overlooked is having a business mentor or advisory board member to your professional financial services firm who can enhance the governance, business processes and strategic thinking capacity - all of which add real long term business value to a practice.

At individual adviser level significant value can be created through coaching and mentoring sales process, sales skills, or delivering sales training and providing guidance to financial advisers that builds better performance, client satisfaction and sales results.  

Genuine and unique expertise is delivered by Tony Vidler in the areas of defining value proposition (or USP); branding of both the individual financial adviser and/or the financial planning or financial advice practice; engagement marketing strategies that produce results (particularly in the areas of content marketing, use of social media, and, digital marketing); and providing templates, guides, tools and expert consultancy in building best practice financial advice process that produces better performance for financial advisory businesses.

The bottom line is we will get you more customers, and grow your revenues.

Best Practice Financial Advice Tools


Best Practices Fiduciary Standard Self Assessment Checklist

FMA Insurance Churn Report 2016

The Evolution of Client Advice Solutions (how it is changing)

Best Practices in Fiduciary Standards

FMA Corporate Governance Handbook: Principles & Guidelines

Expectations of advice

Fee basis presentation

Best Practice Advice Compliance Checklist

Client Successfully Sues  Adviser Over Insurance Error

FSCL Complaints flow diagram

Proposal cover letter

6 step basic reporting template

Policy cancellation or Lapse letter

UK Pension transfer authority

Client Annual Review Letter

Insurance annual review checklist letter

Simple 6 step plan template

Secondary disclosure statement template for AFA Feb 2012

Primary disclosure statement template for AFA Feb 2012

Statement of Advice (SOA, or ROCA) MASTER Template

Client File Note and action list

Risk Profiler

Guide to risk and risk profiling

Considering client risk capacity

Initial Fee Agreement

Investment Fee Agreement

Data gathering form

Information Request Sheet

Client Engagement Letter

Scope of Service Summary

Client Meeting AGENDA

Building an Advice Business


Continuing Professional Development

AFA Adviser Business Statement Guide June 2011

Guidelines on Replacement Business Dec 08

The Financial Advice Process - How we work with clients

When does information become advice? 

Education Credits Basic Log Template


Check the Strictly Business SOLUTIONS - COACHING page for information on personal coaching and mentoring for financial advisers, or a business mentor for a financial adviceor financial planning practice.  Plenty of information on sales process, sales skills & sales training, social media marketing, content marketing and branding is available via the Strictly Business SOLUTIONS - RESOURCES and far more resources are provided to subscribers to the ADVISER LIBRARY.

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Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz