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The right Meeting Agenda sets up the relationship forever

CONSULTING Services we provide

valuation.jpgThen main areas of Consulting work with institutions and signiciant advice networks are:

Distribution Strategy

Sales Training & Coaching

Maketing Planning & Execution

The support or delivery style can be personalised and varied depending on a clients needs or preferences.

business-is-money.jpgDistribution Strategy

Strategic planning and execution of the strategy for financial services distribution, including sales and agency management, training and development of advisers, and campaign design.

social media strategyimages_social_media.jpeg

In modern marketing it is all about connection and engagement - and patience.

Social Media is merely another method of engaging with your clients and prospects.  

A sound strategy is essential to ensure you are not wasting time or resources.

Social media, or social networking, should complement the rest of your marketing plans...but choosing the right channels, working out how to use them effectively, and putting together an effective engagement system so you get a return from social media is no easy task for most people.

Tony Vidler & Strictly Business have proven success with social media - we know how to use it effectively.  It IS how we take the message to market.  

So use someone that actually does it effectively when you want to know how to make it an effective part of your marketing strategy.  We invite you to check out how Strictly Business performs in real life...

Named as one of the Top 250 online influencers in Financial Services globally!

Sales-process.jpgSales Coaching & Training

We create customised sales training programmes for businesses, abnd provide sales coaching and training delivery for individuals or entire teams.

If you have new advisers, or advisers needing new skills, then you need to train them well if you want a return on your HR investment.

Every training programme created is based upon combining professional best practice advice methodology together with enhanced personal sales and consulting skills.

This creates individual relationship management skills that last an entire career, rather than being focussed simply on obtaining short term results, and which is then personalised to an organisations culture and values.

strategy.jpgMarketing Planning

Rather than having a "Marketing Plan" that collects dust in the office, we will work toegther on creating a unique and clear strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, supported by the tactical planning that helps you:

  • Determine your unique selling proposition in the marketplace
  • Identify new and/or innovative marketing opportunities to fit your value proposition or target market
  • Establish the benchmarks for success - the goals and objectives that determine whether investment and effort is worthwhile, and whether it is paying off
  • Manage or create existing client segmentation strategies for service or value proposition differentiation

We work with you to create your unique marketing strategy and plan, and implement it, to make sure it is working for you.

expert.jpegexpert witness

Tony Vidler, CFP, CLU, ChFC provides professional expert witness opinion in relation to advice delivery and practice standards.

Years of involvement in profesional practice standards development, including serving on the professional body's Certification Committee, Professional Development Committee, Chairing the College of Insurance Advisers, qualified Set C DAO Assessor, and working as an Expert Witness ensure that opinion is professional, balanced, and carefully weighs up the line between academic or ethical theory, and pragmatic commercial approaches employed by industry.

Tony Vidler: tony@strictlybiz.co.nz