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Research for NZ Financial Advisers

Information of a more academic, technical or strategic nature with a particular focus on marketing, future trends, and professional development globally. 

Adviser' Guide To Blockchain & CryptoCurrency

An Advice Revolution

The State Of Financial Planning And Fees

Mastering The Moment: Independents Are The Future

World Insurance Report 2021

New Frontiers in Wealth Management

Value Of An Adviser (2021 Study)

The Evolution Of Robo-advisors Model

Advised Life Insurance Report (Australia)

The Fight for Future Markets Report

The Future of B2B Influencer Marketing

Family Wealth Unlocked - Intergenerational Transfer

The Fintech Conundrum: Who wins the future of Asset Management?

How Technology Will Redefine Asset Management Relationships

Lucking Up Until Beta Fails

Re-Thinking Life Insurance Future

Wealth Management Trends 2021

The Relationship between Complexity and Behavioral Bias

The Value Of Premium Wealth Management For Advisers

Advised Life Insurance: Commission v Fee (exec summary)

Financial Services Trends Report 2020

Managing Risk In Volatile Markets & The Role Of Financial Personality

Coronavirus & Commercial Insurance

Covid19: NZ Economic Insights Paper

The Evolving Role Of Behavioural Finance In 2020

Earning Investors Trust

Trust in Advice in NZ Report

Kiwisaver Annual Report 2020

KiwiSaver at 13

MyFiduciary & FMA Report (Aug 2020) - Kiwisaver Active V Passive

2020 NZ life insurance sector report

NZ SME Index 2020

Money and You - NZ Research (August 2020)

After The Storm: Global Wealth Management 2020

Wealth Management Trends 2020

Mitigating The Impact Of Advisers Behavioral Bias

Advice Technology Adoption Report

Kiwi Wealth: State of the Investor Nation (February 2020)

The Maths Of Value & Growth

Insurance Futures: Global trends reshaping the landscape through to 2035

NZ Consumer Research: Money & You (June 2020)

Coronavirus & Commercial Insurance Lessons

The Relationship Between Complexity and Behavioral Bias

Impact of Covid-19 On Financial Wellbeing - May-2020

The Future of Life and Insurance in Australia 2020

AI Leaders In Financial Services

The Macroeconomics Of Pandemics

Understanding The Client-Adviser Relationship (research-based report)

Data Driven Insurance

AI: The New Physics of Financial Services

How Asset Managers Are Becoming More Customer Centric

Sales Inducements In The Asia-Pacific Region

The Rise of Robo-Advice

Life Insurance Trends 2020

Insurance Trends 2019

The State Of Client Understanding

2019 Elite Adviser Study

2019 Adviser Technology Use Research

Cost (& Efficiency) of Delivering Insurance Advice

NZ Retirement Expenditure Guidelines

World Wealth Report 2019

NZ Consumer Survey: Responsible Investing 2019

ASIC Report: Disclosure shouldn't be the default

NZ SME Insurance Index 2019

Insights into the New Zealand Life Insurance Industry

Understanding How Social Media Affects Investor Biases

Asset & Wealth Management Trends 2019

Behavioural Insights: Kiwisaver Enrolment Communications

Financial Advice: what consumers really think

World Wealth Report 2019

KiwiSaver Annual Report 2019

Financial Literacy in Secondary Schools (NZ) - Final Report

AI and the new physics of Financial Services

Promise & Permission: The Role Of Trust In The New Economy

Life Insurance Claims & Disputes Statistics

Global Wealth Report: Reigniting Radical Growth

Kiwi Wealth: State-of-the-Investor-Nation Report (May 2019)

Commissions Report: Advice, Culture & Remuneration In Life Insurance

Ain't Misbehavin' - Behavioral Economics & Financial Literacy

Financial Marketing Trends 2019 Report

InsurTech Developments & Uses

NZ Corporate Governance Trends (April 2019)

ASIC-APRA Life Insurance Claims & Disputes Statistics (June 2018)

Global Financial Services Consumer Study

Customer Insights: "Me, my life, my wallet"

The Big Spenddown: Digital Investment Advice and Decumulation

Competing For Tomorrow's Customers

The Networked World (Lloyds Emerging Risks Report 2018)

FinTech And The Transformation Of The Financial Services Industry

Digital Trends In Financial Services (2018)

Conflicts Of Interest & Disclosure (research following Royal Commission 2018)

Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services

The Global Wealth Report 2018

The Future of Investment Management

Customer Insights: Me, My Life, My Wallet

Winning Clients In The Hybrid Advice Era

From Portfolio's To People

2018 Digital Trends In Financial Services

The New Role Of Financial Advisers In Customer Experience

Wealth Management Cannot Afford To Miss The Digital Wave

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Impact of InsurTechs on the insurance industry

The State Of Kiwisaver In Year 11 (Aug 2018)

Competition issues in the area of fintech

Fees at a Crossroads (Revisited)

B2B Customers in 2020

The Value Of Premium Wealth Management For Advisers

Financial wellness in the workplace: Research 2018-2017

NZ Longitudinal Study Part 2: Update March 2018


Inbound Marketing Report: Australia & NZ 2018

Customer Experience Excellence Report 2018

Behavioural Finance: Client's Perceptions of Their Financial Futures Predict Choices

Capturing Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

The Planning Gap

The Advisers Alpha: From Portfolios to People

The NZ 2012-2032 Longitudinal Study Report

Life Expectancy Shifts

2017 Elite Adviser Study

How to improve Financial Literacy

Beyond The Typical Millennial Research

The Planning Gap

Identifying Variation in Client Characteristics between Financial Planning Compensation Models

The Lie of Averages

The Shortcomings Of Modern Portfolio Theory In Today's Environment

World Insurance Report 2017

What we know about Investor-Irrationality

Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruption in Financial Services

Understanding Investors Digital DNA

Integrating Behavioral Finance, Psychology & Therapy into the 6-Step Financial Planning Process

KiwiSaver 10th Anniversary Report

The 4 Stages Of Investment Analysis

Choosing discount rates for retirement planning strategies

An Evaluation of  the  Risk-Taking Characteristics of Affluent Households

The Future Of The Advice-based World

The Purposeful Advisory Firm

Thematic Investing: Emerging Technologies

From Risk-to-Reward: what matters to NZ businesses

Managed Portfolio's: A sound investment

Who seeks financial advice?

The Future State Of The Investment Profession

Fintech and the Customer Experience

Consumer Online Reviews Importance (Survey Results)

How The Active vs Passive Debate Misses The Point

The Future of Digital Financial Advice

How Behavioural Biases Affect Finance Professionals

2017 High Growth Practice Study

Technological Tipping Points

How to provide higher value to clients in  a rapidly changing industry

From Trust to Loyalty: What Investors Want

The Emergence of Contemporary Portfolio Theory

Wealth and Asset Management in 2021

A New Deal on Investment (management) Fees

Sustainable Competitive Advantages: Consumer Preference

The Academic Failure To Understand Rebalancing

Rise of Robo-Advice

The Value of Advice Report (2012 - Canada)

Impacts Of Conflicts Of Interest In Financial Services

The Future of Advice: a Blueprint

Why Indexing Works

Understanding Investors Better

The Wealthy: A Financial Psychological Profile

Key Shifts Mark The Path To Digital Insurance

Behavioural Insights To Improve Financial Capability

Managing the Transition of Wealth Across Generations

Drivers of sales performance: have salespeople become knowledge brokers?

All types of portfolio diversification are not equal

New Frontiers In Adviser Client Service

Behavioural Finance: 6 things that fuel your clients fears

Re-intermediating Investment Management

How biases affect investors behaviour

Designing an investment organisation for long term investing

Chasing Performance Is A Dangerous Game

Client Retention: Stay or Go?


Risk Factors as Building Blocks for Portfolio Diversification

Value Of Advice Study: FPSC (Canada)

The 10-30-60_Rule

Winning Propositions

Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries (UK Law Commission Report)

Tort Law: The Approach To The Duty Of Care in NZ

Risk management guide for small business

The value of advice: Financial Adviser value creation and remuneration

Using Behavioural Finance

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